Periodic Shareholder Benefits

Unlock Your Earnings Potential with Pootoosky's Periodic Shareholder Benefits! Join 1000 PS worldwide in just 6 months - buy $49+ worth of products, confirm receipt, and get an exclusive discount code. Earn commission for successful referrals - get 10% of your friend's order amount. Complete 15+ referrals within 3 months and receive a bonus of 15% of total sales. Don't miss out - become a PS today!"

Objective: Recruit 1000 PS worldwide

 Duration: 6 mos

Quantity: 1000 PS

Eligibility: Buy pootoosky products worth ≥ $49 & confirm receipt. Get an email with an exclusive discount code to become a PS.

Confirmation of order ownership: Only personal exclusive discount codes are recognized.

Order scope: Applicable to all websites(Pootoosky & Moongor) under the company. 


For each successful referral, get commission immediately after confirmation of purchase. (A gets 10% of B's order amount if B uses A's discount code & confirms receipt)

Enjoy other commission rewards. Complete 15+ successful referrals with confirmed product receipt within 3 mos, get an extra bonus of 15% of total sales.

PS cooperation ends after holding shares for 6 mos upon receipt of PS email. To continue, choose:

  1. Place new order worth ≥ $99 to generate a new exclusive discount code and benefit from the usual mechanism.

  2. Refer others to make purchases using your existing discount code, without purchase. You'll get 10% of the order amount, but no commission rewards.